July 30, 2007

spam dump galore

my art teacher did tell me that the girl looks like she's stoned, an insomniac, etc...well he implied it...he said she looks weird! D:


It's Lelouch Lamperouge as his alter-ego, Zero, from the anime Code Geass. I'm so hyped up about the first season finale that came out yesterday that I HAD to do a quick sketch of Lulu. He may look weird, especially his cape, but thats what he looks like in the anime. Stupid clamp artists and their anorexic people. -_-.

Next time i'll attempt to draw him maskless and with an open cape...

I just uploaded the picture itself here, but I added a big rant on the side that makes the image twice as big as it needs to be, so i'll just post the image-shack link.

Read my rant please even if you havn't seen the series. It might inspire you to watch. And then I shall be satstified with my Code Geass love spreading. READ IT!
Lelouch/Zero Rant

July 28, 2007

I Want PS

My friend draws wings really cool...so I stoled them.

And for this...I love Twilight Princess.

Im so Proud of this ;D

Im so proud of this ;DD

Ive been doing it since noon ahaha call me crazy but w/e

This is for katy oerng because she said that I make "cute" clothes


LJ Doujinshi

..Cloud 8 seems dead.

This is the cover page for a doujinshi (fan comic) that I drew as a project for my comic book illustration class. I thought it would be nice to post it and see what others thought.

I'm only posting the cover page here but if you want to read the actual comic, pages 1-3 are up on my DA account: http://natsuyukili.deviantart.com/
This comic is centered around Lily and James, set back into the Marauders era. Please read the comic before you comment. If you have a DA account, I would appreciate it if you comment on DA instead of here. Comments on the general layout, story, inking, etc. would be great. Thanks!
Tools (for cover and pages): Copic markers, liners, quill and ink, lettering on cover page only on PS; almost all of artwork done traditionally
Lily, James (c) Rowling

July 27, 2007

Luna Lovegood

2nd post of the day....
Quick drawing of Luna Lovegood, one of my fav characters from HP. Drawing her was fun; esp her eyes and radish earrings. ;D
Tools: Copic markers and multiliner
Time: ~30 min

Bella and 'Dromeda

Another fanart of Bellatrix, with her sister Andromeda.
------Slight HP7 Spoiler-----
'As she moved forward into the room, Mrs.Tonk's resemblance to her sister Bellatrix became much less pronounced: Her hair was light, soft brown and her eyes wider and kinder. Nevertheless, she looked alittle haughty after Harry's exclamation.' pg. 66
So, I hope I made the two resemble each other but still look different. Forgot Andromeda's light hair though, oops.Hopefully my snake looks better here too.
Tools: Blacks and drawing sketched and colored with copics, pen inking; lettering in PS

July 26, 2007



This totally didn't turn out the way I wanted

Ill prolly color it again after killing myself with tutorials


Its better than the first in my opinion but the floor is worse cuz I got super lazy

July 25, 2007

The Black Sisters

More HP fanart; Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy, who are the Black sisters. I decided to exclude Andromeda since she wasn't as close to them.

Bellatrix's hair was fun to draw and I'm starting to like her more; I think her psychoticness is catching on to me.

Excuse my pathetic snake.

Tools: pencil sketch and ink with pen, colors in PS

Time: ~2 hours

Snow White Winter

More PS practice since I haven't done anything CG in a while. Also trying out different colors and brushes.

July 24, 2007

Yuck Messy D:

Very messy but I had to kil the trend of no updates

July 20, 2007

Sunset Winter

Practice for watercolors and color experiment. It's supposed to be winter and snowing but I thought the orange and yellow bg looked nice. (yes, I know it is a bit too bright to be winter but whatever)
Lily and James (c) Rowling
tools: watercolors, pencil, brush, ink

July 13, 2007


Just a quick something.

July 11, 2007

omg its sasuke that gay person!! SAS-GAY!

this is sasuke...i intend to watercolor him.

i want to get his proportions rite, i kno there's something wrong with them but i can't figure out wat!!

July 8, 2007

Sweater Boy

Slightly gender challenged I think...It's kinda an effeminate pose?

My Checklist of things to draw over the summer:

1. A character in motion/action
2. A mecha (!!!)
3. Two characters interacting on one page
4. Fanart of something
5. An old man and a little girl
6. A collab with Kim

July 7, 2007


Finally a new post ;D

Of course photoshop came to save me again

Im pretty proud of this one

I think its the best of all my photoshopped pictures


July 4, 2007

winged jackalope stencil

made this one before the gramophone, actually.

July 3, 2007

random kh stuff

Sora photomanipulation. Photo Credit.

Random image done a year ago when KHII first came out xD.

All done on Photoshop.

July 2, 2007

emo kids

nah, she's not an emo kid. SHE IS A COLORBLIND KID!! i don't kno wat i was thinking when i painted this..

July 1, 2007

Poptart in Popart

Popart an art style that i saw from Andy Worhol and I was extremely bored